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Fran Gallogly

Fran Gallogly

Trumbull, CT


Fran Gallogly is a passionate photographer with a focus on landscape, flower, wildlife, portrait and nature photography. She first was captivated by the expressive and artistic qualities of photography in the 1970s when she took classes at a workshop in Connecticut learning to develop and print black and white images from film.

When digital photography became available, she transitioned enthusiastically to that medium and studied under such luminaries in the field as Bryan Peterson, Kathleen Clemons, Scott Stulberg, Charlie Borland, Darwin Wiggett, Samantha Chrysanthou, Ian Plant, Joe McNally, Rick Friedman and Kevin Adams.

Now retired from full-time employment, she is free to further explore and develop her love of this medium. Fran enjoys traveling with her camera and in 2011 spent a month in Namibia, Southwest Africa, photographing desert landscapes, soaring dunes and wildlife. She published her photographs via Blurb in a coffee table book entitled "Namibia." In 2012 she spent time in India and produced a second book (Blurb) called "Faces of India." In 2013 she photographed in Wales, in 2014 in Tuscany and Cinque Terre, in 2015 in the Scottish Highlands and in Zion and Death Valley National Parks. She was in Zambia, in southern Africa, in 2016.

Her photos have been exhibited at the Bruce Kershner Gallery of the Fairfield Library (CT), in the Salmagundi Club (NY), Fairfield Museum and History Center (CT), Loft Artists Association (CT), Carriage Barn Arts Center/New Canaan Society for the Arts (CT), The Greater New Haven Arts Council (CT), Jonathan Dickinson State Park's Kimball Gallery (FL), Savannas Preserve (FL), Fort Pierce Library's ArtSpace (FL), Island Images (Vero Beach, FL), Pequot Library (CT) and the Westport Senior Center (CT). She is a member of the Salmagundi Club, one of the oldest art clubs in New York City. In 2016 she has won two Honorable Mentions for her work in their exhibits. Her photos at the Y's Men of Westport/Weston Camera Club's annual Photo Expo have won two Best in Shows and numerous First and Second Place awards.

Fran also is actively involved in stock photography. Her work is represented by Tandem Stills + Video in Culver City, California. A photo she took on a Georgia beach became the cover of Select Magazine's September/October 2014 issue. The publication goes to travel planners in banking, alumni organizations and Chambers of Commerce. Fran's digital painting of a Star Magnolia flower was purchased by Trader Joe's for use as a greeting card.

Fran is married with three grown children and two grandchildren and gravitates between her home in Fairfield County, Connecticut, where she photographs New England landscapes, flowers and street scenes in New York City, and Ft. Pierce, Florida, where she loves to photograph sunrise, sunset, wildlife, sports and tropical flora.

Fran is a member of the League of Landscape Photographers and believes in an ethical approach to the environment, the land and its people and wildlife of which we are stewards for future generations.


Reverie by Fran Gallogly


Mud Pies by Fran Gallogly


Cloudscapes 2 by Fran Gallogly


Cloudscape 1 by Fran Gallogly


Fisherman by Fran Gallogly


Feather by Fran Gallogly


Dock by Fran Gallogly


Pulling Up The Mooring by Fran Gallogly


Laser Ho by Fran Gallogly


Captain Dave by Fran Gallogly


Prairie Dog Town by Fran Gallogly


Prairie Dog by Fran Gallogly


Amur Tiger by Fran Gallogly


Tribeca Old and New by Fran Gallogly


Sunflower Farm by Fran Gallogly


Sunflowers by Fran Gallogly


Window Shopping by Fran Gallogly


Oculus by Fran Gallogly


Two Swans A Swimming by Fran Gallogly


Swan Love by Fran Gallogly


Ropes Course Fun by Fran Gallogly


Rope Walk by Fran Gallogly


Around the World by Fran Gallogly


Up Up and Away by Fran Gallogly


Aloft in A Balloon by Fran Gallogly


Reflections by Fran Gallogly


Incoming Train by Fran Gallogly


Futuristic Residence by Fran Gallogly


Selfie by Fran Gallogly


Lady Luck by Fran Gallogly


Subway Conductor by Fran Gallogly


Yellow Rose by Fran Gallogly


Twisted Tree by Fran Gallogly


Enid Haupt Conservatory by Fran Gallogly


Creeping Conifer by Fran Gallogly


Central Park Summer by Fran Gallogly


Loeb Boathouse by Fran Gallogly


Rowing by the Bow Bridge by Fran Gallogly


Cleopatra's Needle by Fran Gallogly


Peaceful Stream by Fran Gallogly


Huddle by Fran Gallogly


Stream Crossing by Fran Gallogly


Keeping Dry by Fran Gallogly


Taking a Break by Fran Gallogly


Raising The Panel by Fran Gallogly


Plant City Berries by Fran Gallogly


Florida Tomatoes by Fran Gallogly


Loaves and Fishes by Fran Gallogly